Funeral Services

Every person is unique and therefore each funeral is different, and this belief is at the centre of our thoughts when helping you create a meaningful, memorable and personal funeral that honours your loved ones.
Dealing with death is an extremely difficult time. There are many decisions to be made at a time of considerable stress and anxiety. If you have recently lost someone close to you or know someone who has recently been bereaved, there are some immediate things that must be done following a death.
It is very common, however, to be confused about what to do next when someone close to you has just passed away.

That’s where we can help..

Our role as Funeral Director is to offer you our advice on your preferred options and subsequently to arrange everything in accordance with your wishes, and those of the deceased. This usually involves the following:
  • Discuss, advise and plan the type of funeral that you would like to organise.
  • Organise any other third parties such as grave diggers, florists and ceremony musicians required to carry out the funeral.
  • Plan, manage and supervise any funeral mass/services or ceremonies
  • Take care of the deceased throughout all stages of the funeral from the time he/ she is received into our care until the burial/cremation has taken place.
When you get in touch with Smith’s Funeral Directors, we will arrange a time to come and visit you or, for you to visit us – whichever is most convenient for you. We will sit down with you and your family and will talk through what needs to be done next. We will also give you advice about the various options such as:
  • Locations and times for a wake/viewing.
  • Funeral ceremonies (religious and non-religious).
  • How to decide between a burial and cremation.
  • Show what caskets, coffins, or urns can be used.
  • After discussing your requirements, we will arrange the funeral you want, taking responsibility for organising every aspect of the event and delivering it at the highest professional standards.

Our Services

  • Burials/Cremations
  • Co-ordination of all arrangements with clergy, cemeteries and crematoria
  • A large selection of Coffins, Caskets and Eco Coffins
  • Religious and non-religious ceremonies
  • Grave opening and closing
  • Floral Tributes
  • Arranging organist, soloist, choir, gospel choir, violinist, harpist etc.
  • Condolence books and stands
  • Embalming/ Hygienic Treatment
  • Funeral notices e.g. radio, newspapers
  • Repatriation
  • Supply of Hearse and family vehicles
  • Alternative hearses such as horse drawn etc.
  • Headstone & Monument Service
  • Pre-arrangement funeral plans
  • Full consultation on funeral costs
  • Funeral Stationery such as mass books/ bookmarks etc.

Funeral Coordination

  • 24 hour phone attendance and 24 hour availability of Funeral Director
  • Meeting with your family and making all necessary funeral arrangements on your behalf
  • Preparation and publishing of funeral notices – radio, online or newspapers.
  • Liaising with any necessary third parties such as clergy, celebrants, cemetery, crematorium, hospitals, nursing home staff, grave diggers, embalmers, An Garda Siochana, local media, national media, florists, funeral musicians, graphic designers, printers etc. and organising any associated payments.
  • Preparation of digital images for photographs or online funeral notices
  • Provision of ongoing assistance, professional advice and pre-ceremony consultation as necessary.
Funeral Equipment
Supply of all necessary funeral equipment:
  • Typical equipment may include family home seating, catering equipment, traffic management signage and lighting, condolence books, candle sets, graveside canopy, coffin pad, graveside chairs, public announcement system and graveside music.
  • Removal of the deceased from the place of death to our preparation room e.g. from a hospital, nursing home or family home.
  • Removal of the deceased to the place of viewing/visitation e.g. to a family home
Advice on registration of the death, preparation of any necessary administration for parish/ church offices, cemeteries, crematoria, financial institutions or civil authorities